Your data is gold. Are you mining it?

The promise

70% of executives say using data to make decisions is more valuable than ever.  They're well justified: Google and Facebook have directly connected marketing spend to revenue.  That simple fact has changed marketing forever.  By utilizing their data effectively, our clients are capturing double digit increases in conversion rates and revenue.

The problem

While information is abundant, turning it into profit is difficult.  Analytics software offers hundreds of reports that can be sliced in an infinite number of ways.

Web metrics are powerful but often underutilized.  Forrester reports that a small minority of companies with annual revenues exceeding $1B utilize all of their web metrics effectively.

The Solution

You take the guesswork out of success by using your data effectively.  We help you by:

  • Driving more traffic
  • Converting more visitors into customers
  • Increasing lifetime value of customers
  • Reducing cost per acquisition

You're a smart business person. You do what's best for your business, and let go of people and resources that drag it down. We understand that, and we've built our business on sharing your success.

That means you're not paying inflated project costs just for the sake of keeping us busy. Every project is considered in terms of your ROI. If there's no opportunity or the market just doesn't work online, then there's no reason to pursue it.

At Valitics, we're techies who also get your business. We're honest, and we're here for you.