Almost all quality improvement comes via simplification of design

Good design inspires change. What good is your message if it doesn't make people react to it? The overriding goal of web design is effective communication. The visual aspect of your website needs to serve your message, not the other way around.

Design Process

The Valitics web design process is all about:

  • setting up an effective site structure
  • focusing on easy navigation and usability
  • creating a layout that is readable, organized, and tailored to your message using a contemporary visual style that emphasizes your message or product

Results oriented web development

Design has to work. If your website doesn't have the brains and brawn to go with it's beauty, it's not going to take you very far in achieving your goals. We give our clients the "complete package" with our development process, including:

  • search engine friendly techniques utilizing semantic code and search-engine friendly markup
  • standards based coding and best-practice techniques
  • an incredibly usable content management system - once you try it out you’ll never want to go back to the old way of making change to your site