Reap the benefits of data driven decisions for increased sales, better marketing, and happier customers.

Forrester Research raves that “The value of web analytics is undeniable. Companies that apply web analytics... obliterate guesswork marketing and develop clear expectations of returns. Enterprises have an opportunity to achieve competitive advantage by developing their web analytics strategies now.”

Google Analtytics by Valitics

Companies are growing sales through web analytics in leaps and bounds. This is happening because marketing is becoming:

  • interactive
  • quantitative
  • automated

With TV, radio, and print ads, you learn very little about viewers. You can narrow your demographic to a particular magazine, but there’s only a one way interaction. If a viewer doesn’t find your ad compelling, the only information they send you is the decision not to purchase.

With web analytics, you can follow along in your customer’s shoes as they see your ad and react to it. Every action, from the links they click to the offers they view to the videos they watch, passes along a wealth of information about customer perceptions. Even small websites can quickly generate hundreds of thousands of data points.

The downside to all of this automated data collection is that it can be overwhelming. Knowing how to find insight in an ocean of data is key. Turning that insight into action that drives results is crucial.

At Valitics, we provide a full suite of web analytics services built around maximizing your Return On Investment. We connect your important data with your bottom line, and then prioritize tasks by greatest expected returns. The end result is a great return on our services through increased sales and happier customers.

Google Analytics services include:

  • Implementation - set up new accounts and use advanced features
  • Troubleshooting - improve data quality and fix reporting problems
  • Consulting - use your data to increase sales or lead generation
  • Development - combine your business goals with live analytics data in a customized web dashboard