Facebook for Businesses

With hundreds of millions of people on Facebook daily, there's no denying that it is having an impact on how we interact and communicate with those we know.

There are a variety of ways for businesses to use Facebook to find and communicate with existing and potential customers.

Be where your customers are

Obviously, having a Facebook presence is an essential first step. Here are a few pointers on how to set up your profile effectively:

  • Hide your year of birth - don't worry about not having this in your profile
  • Update your bio - you get 245 characters, so make them count
  • Add photos - add staff headshots, location pictures, product shots or anything else that your customers might find relevant. Make sure they are high quality.
  • Find your "Friends" - find and connect with the people you and your business already associate with (be it customers, partners, friends, etc.) This network will surely grow over time. Don't spam people with friends requests!

Be interesting

Share the reasons why you, the people in your company and your customers are doing fun/interesting/important/crazy things. For instance, if you are a CPA firm, you could share things like:

  • Tips of the trade
  • Recent new hires that bring great things to your team
  • Industry news

Targeted advertising

People on Facebook share all sort of information about who they are, who they know, what's important to them. Take advantage of that information by setting up targeted advertising campaigns for your business. Valitics' clients use Facebook to:

  • Find customers interested in their industry generally
  • Enroll people into trials, surveys and webinars
  • Identify potential employees for their company
  • Spread the word about their business virally
  • Grow their email marketing and communication lists

Measure and improve

Like almost everything on the web, the things you do (and what you get out of them) on Facebook are very measurable. That means each effort you make on Facebook can be tied back to results. If you are posting lots of links, news and tidbits on Facebook, what is that generating for your business in terms of traffic, leads or other important measuring sticks? If you are advertising on Facebook, what are you getting for all of those clicks you are paying for?

 If you are doing things right on Facebook, answering these questions can be very revealing and fun to answer!