Valitics is a website design, optimization and online marketing firm in beautiful Boise, Idaho. We’ve been in business since 2006. Individually, we are design junkies, analyzers, problem solvers, techy-tinkerers, and creative thinkers. Together, we are Valitics.

We drive traffic. We produce and measure results. We find the reasons for what works. We get rid of or optimize what doesn't. We work with our clients to make sure they are getting what they need to out of their websites. Depending on the client, that can be sales, leads, user interaction or some good old fashion questions-and-answers.

We fancy ourselves as business optimizers. By the time we’ve planned, designed, built and launched your site, we will care as much about your business as you do. We want you to succeed. We know that you will see more results online when you work with us than without us; we aim to prove it to you. This dedication to making sure our clients succeed online is why they work with us. It's why you probably should too.


  • 1412 W Bannock Street in beautiful Boise, Idaho.


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J. Glerum

President, Co-Founder

J. is the President of Valitics. Day to day, you'll find J. making sure that Valitics clients and employees are getting what they need to be successful and happy.

J. enjoys techie gadgets, Wes Anderson movies, and Emma the 3 legged wonder dog.

This trout is huuuuuuuge!

Dan Bruce

Client Acquisition, Co-Founder

As a dentist, Dan provides real world insight and ideas into how a website makes financial business sense.

When not practicing dentistry or helping develop online businesses, Dan can be found running, biking or trying to keep pace with his wife and two kids.

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Josh Woodard

Analyst, Co-Founder

Josh started his post-college career with Valitics. While other recent graduates were turning in resumes he was turning in business formation documents.

Josh loves Google Analytics, Excel Spreadsheets, and geeking with numbers. Josh has a knack for problem solving and for creating structure in complicated situations.