Boise SEO Mini-series

Part 2 of 3

Now that you have an expectation of returns on your SEO efforts, let's move on to content. If you haven't modeled revenue for your SEO campaign yet, check our previous article before proceeding.

Content optimization can have dramatic and immediate results. It isn't the only component of a successful campaign, but it's absolutely essential. Let's take a look at the components of great SEO content.

SEO Tags

SEO tags require some HTML knowledge, but you don't need to be an experienced programmer. Here's the rundown on tagging:


The title tag is the most important tag on a web page. It tells search engines what your content is all about -  be absolutely sure to include your keywords here. Bad titles are common, and lack crucial keywords. For example, "Home" tells search engines nothing about your product or service. "Bluetooth headphones - Home" is much better, as we've included our keyword in our page title.

H1 to H6

These are "header" tags, and help you create distinct content areas. They also tell search engines where to focus while they're determining your rankings. H1 is the most important tag, and H6 is the least. Make sure to include an H1 tag near the top of your page, and again, load it up with your keywords.

Meta tags

Ahh yes, the quintessential meta tag. Back when we were all on dial-up and the cool kids were on Myspace, the meta tag was essential. Now, Google has gone so far as to say that meta keywords has no impact what-so-ever on page rankings. You'll still hear about this myth from a lot of local Boise SEO companies, but you can safely ignore it. Meta description is important, as search engines use this to present your site listing. If you have an irrelevant description, visitors may not click through to your site as often.

SEO Keywords

Using the right keywords is essential for great results. To discover your best keywords, hop on over the Adwords Keyword Tool. Type in phrases you're interested, and you'll instantly see search volume for those terms. Keep in mind that more competitive terms are more difficult to rank highly for. Ranking first for "MP3 player" will bring you millions of dollars in revenue every month, but is unattainable without a large SEO budget. Ranking first for "MP3 player sale" will bring you several thousand visitors per month, and will be much easier to rank for.

SEO Content

Finally, you must write unique content. Search engines will penalize you heavily for copying and pasting content from a competitor's site. Keyword density is a myth; the idea that your keywords should make up some percentage of the total word count on your page was only relevant several years ago. If you've put your keywords in strategic locations by following the tagging advice above, you'll be just fine.

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Cruise on over to our next article to discover another key piece to building your successful SEO campaign.