Boise SEO Mini-series

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In this free mini-series, you'll learn how to excel at SEO. Before beginning any SEO effort, it's essential to consider monetization. Before investing time or money to improve your SEO results you need to have a model for how much revenue a given keyword will generate. This ensures that your efforts are valid and it helps you set realistic expectations for returns.

Why model SEO?


SEO can yield exceptional results for the right keyword rankings, but some keywords have little to no traffic to begin with. Let's say you sell headphones, and some of your customers also like outdoor activities. Using Adwords Keyword Tool, you pull up search volume for "bluetooth headphones" and "bluetooth headphones jogging":

The keyword "bluetooth headphones" has 110,000 monthly searches, while "bluetooth headphones jogging" has just 73. It's hardly worth the time to rank for "bluetooth headphones jogging", but any Boise SEO company can get you ranked first for such a low competition term. The problem with terms like these is they bring you little to no revenue.

So how do we predict monthly revenue from an SEO campaign? We need to know a few crucial things:

Continuing with our example, the first website listed for "bluetooth headphones" is Let's say they run a mediocre conversion rate of 3%. That is, 3% of visitors who come to that site end up making a purchase during that visit. Let's also assume that their average order value is $129. Now the crucial part: how much traffic do they get for being ranked first?

We know that "bluetooth headphones" has 110,000 monthly searches. The top (or first ranked) website will certainly get more traffic than a site buried on the 5th page of search results, but how much more? Google has never released SEO data, as this could compromise trade secrets. By using leaked data, and correlating client rankings with analytics traffic, Valitics knows that traffic breaks down generally as follows:

Boise SEO

When you're planning your SEO campaign, keep in mind that this is just an industry average and may vary by keyword. However, it still helps create a useful baseline. It clearly pays to rank first for a keyword, as the top ranked site pulls in nearly half of all traffic for a given keyword.

So for "bluetooth headphones", gets around 51,700 visits per month. With their order value and conversion rate, that works out to $200,079 monthly revenue.

Valitics is a unique Boise SEO company because we look out for your best interests. By scaling SEO investments with your revenue, we ensure you see positive return on our services while capturing maximum SEO traffic and results.

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